Hyojoon Park

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I will be joining University of Wisconsin-Madison starting Fall 2021 for Ph.D. in Computer Science.

I am currently a graduate research assistant at the University of Utah in School of Computing (advisors: Prof. Ladislav Kavan & Prof. Cem Yuksel).
I received my M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (advisor: Prof. Dongjun Lee) at Seoul National University, and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Korea University, in South Korea.

My research interest is physics-based simulations in computer graphics, combined with machine learning and computer vision.


Capturing Detailed Deformations of Moving Human Bodies
He Chen, Hyojoon Park, Kutay Macit, and Ladislav Kavan
[pdf] [project page]
Adaptive Precision-Enhancing Hand Rendering for Wearable Fingertip Tracking Devices
Hyojoon Park and Jung-Min Park
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2020
[pdf] [short video]
Stretchable Skinā€Like Cooling/Heating Device for Reconstruction of Artificial Thermal Sensation in Virtual Reality
Jnwoo Lee, Heayoun Sul, Wonha Lee, Kyung Rok Pyun, Inho Ha, Dongkwan Kim, Hyojoon Park, Hyeonjin Eom, Yeosang Yoon, Jinwook Jung, Dongjun Lee, and Seung Hwan Ko
Advanced Functional Materials 2020
Dental Simulator with Increased Z-width of Haptic Rendering
Hyojoon Park, Myungsin Kim, and Dongjun Lee
AsiaHaptics 2018
[pdf] [short video] [long video]*

*Outstanding MS Thesis Presentation Award (Seoul National University 2019)
Rigid-body Collaborative Manipulation among Remote Users with Wearable Cutaneous Haptic Interfaces
Myungsin Kim, WonHa Lee, Hyojoon Park, Junghan Kwon, Yong-Lae Park, and Dongjun Lee
AsiaHaptics 2018
[pdf] [video]
Design and Performance Evaluation of Wearable Haptic Interfaces
WonHa Lee, Myungsin Kim, Hyojoon Park, and Dongjun Lee
International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems 2018
Wearable Cutaneous Haptic Interface with Soft Sensors and IMUs
Yongjun Lee, Myungsin Kim, Yongseok Lee, Hyojoon Park, and Dongjun Lee
Korea Robotics Society Annual Conference 2018

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